Frosted Flame Protector

Frosted Flame Protector

Frosted Flame Protector

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Turn your wine light into a gentle glowing lamp with an embossed flame protector


Wine Lights are a stunning way to recycle your old wine bottles. A Wine Light kit turns used bottles into beautiful lanterns that create instant ambience to any room or outdoor area.


  1. Simply place the wick through the hole of the cermamic stopper, with a few centimetres extending from the top and the rest hanging from the bottom.
  2. Fill a clean, empty wine bottle with an oil such as parrafin or citronella. Make sure the oil is never less than 15cm from the ceramic stopper. If the oil has too far to travel, the flame will start burning the wick.
  3. Place the ceramic stopper into the neck of the bottle with the wick well-submerged in the oil.
  4. Light the top of the wick and place the glass flame protector over the neck of the bottle. Then simply enjoy your beautiful Wine Light!

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