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How do I set up my Wine Light?

  1. Simply place the wick through the hole of the ceramic stopper, with a few centimeters extending from the top and the rest hanging from the bottom.
  2. Fill a clean, empty wine bottle with an oil such as paraffin or citronella. Make sure the oil is never less than 15cm from the ceramic stopper. If the oil has too far to travel, the flame will start burning the wick.
  3. Place the ceramic stopper into the neck of the bottle with the wick well-submerged in the oil.
  4. Light the top of the wick and place the glass flame protector over the neck of the bottle. Then simply enjoy your beautiful Wine Light!

What is included in a Wine Light kit?

Every Wine Light kit includes one ceramic stopper, one 27cm length of wick and one glass flame protector. Paraffin oil and citronella can be purchased from your local supermarket or hardware store.

How much are Wine Lights?

Our complete Wine Light kits start from just $17.00 each. View our full range.

If something breaks during shipping, will you replace it?

Absolutely! We take utmost care when we are packaging our products, because we want to make sure they reach you in the same condition they left us. But if you do receive a broken or damaged product, please let us know within 30 days and we will replace it, free of charge.

If something breaks after I receive it, will you replace it?

Unfortunately, once our products are received they are your responsibility, except where the product is faulty. If you receive a faulty product please let us know within 30 days and we will replace it or give you a full refund.

Do you have a 'bricks and mortar' store or are your products only available online?

Our products are only available online.

I am outside Australia. Do you ship overseas?

We are more than happy to sell products to customers overseas. Please email your order to us and we will calculate the shipping costs and discuss payment options with you.

I am a retailer, are your products on offer for wholesale?

We are always interested in growing our business so that more people can enjoy our beautiful Wine Lights! Please complete and send an enquiry form on our Contact page or email Rosie at outlining your interest.

My question is not here. Who do I contact?

Please call Rosie on 0411 705 613 or email 'the boss' at

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WINE TREASURES is a small family-owned business based in sunny Queensland. Our philosophy is that life should be enjoyed rather than endured, so naturally we are great lovers of wine! We also have a penchant for the quirky and the beautiful (although some members of the family are definitely more on the quirky side...). Our products are unique, competitively priced and sourced for their high quality. Our service is second to none. So pour yourself a glass of red, take a rummage through our site and seek out a unique treasure!