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Personal information will only be collected when necessary for one or more of our functions or activities such as selling online. We will advise individuals of the purposes for which their personal information is collected. Information will never be collected without consent.


We will only disclose personal information in accordance with the privacy Act. This means that personal information may be disclosed: for the purposes for which we have advised that we are collecting it, and for related purposes that the individual would reasonably expect, where we have the consent of the individual to do so, as part of the asset sale of a business division, as required by law, or under other circumstances where permitted under the Act.


We will always provide individuals with a nil-cost way of contacting us to register a request to "opt-out" from receiving further marketing offers.

We will provide an opt-out opportunity with direct marketing offers in accordance with the legislation.


Our goal is to protect the personal information collected by Wine Treasures. Personal information will be managed confidentially and securely and destroyed appropriately when no longer required. We will monitor and implement appropriate technical advances or management processes, to safeguard personal information.


Privacy-related inquiries or concerns can be directed to

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Glenwood, QLD Australia


0411 705 613

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Mon - Fri / 9:00AM - 5:00PM


About us

WINE TREASURES is a small family-owned business based in sunny Queensland. Our philosophy is that life should be enjoyed rather than endured, so naturally we are great lovers of wine! We also have a penchant for the quirky and the beautiful (although some members of the family are definitely more on the quirky side...). Our products are unique, competitively priced and sourced for their high quality. Our service is second to none. So pour yourself a glass of red, take a rummage through our site and seek out a unique treasure!